The idea for the Billibag came from the frustration of not finding any useful, practical and beautiful storage ideas for my daughter’s room, namely her vast and varied dress up collection. I looked around in vain and eventually succumbed to the old plastic box under the bed idea. They didn’t quite fit, but you could jam them in. The real problem came though when my daughter and her friends got into a dress up frenzy with the floor covered in costumes with the plastic boxes buried somewhere in the mess. Invariably they all fell, broken lid here, cracked corner there…..It was then that I had the wonderful idea of a big bag that opened right out, then you pulled it together and packed everything away! You could shove it under the bed, no matter how full it, it was malleable being fabric, you couldn’t tread on it and break it either.

I started experimenting and then showed my sister-in-law, who said oh yeah I have one of those for my boy, it’s a lego bag my mum had from the 70’s. The 70’s? Oh so then it has been invented already, YES.

Well I think it needs a revival, as much as I love patchwork, let’s revamp it a little for today’s style.

At the same time this was happening, some friends and I were looking at a creative business, based on designs that showcase Australian animals. Our family had just moved back to Australia after a few years living overseas, firstly in Botswana and then in Cambodia.  I would buy gorgeous t-shirts for my daughter, emblazoned with the wildlife from these places. So once back in Australia I was keen to work with our iconic Australian animals, and wanted to design using them in a fresh and funky way.

Australian animals are so unique and fabulous, let’s celebrate them.

Voila…a product was born, the Billibag, beautiful and practical storage for the endless stream of kids’ stuff we all have, the blocks, the bricks, the train sets, the dolls, and of course the dress ups!

We have many other storage solutions in mind, but the first to manufacture is the Billibag, and the first Australian animal to be showcased is the gorgeous Major Mitchell Cockatoo.

I really hope you find the Billibag as useful as I do, we have about 5 in my daughter Waverley’s room, under the bed, hanging on hooks and the bed post. They have revolutionised storage in her room. I also hope we can embrace Aussie animals and give the deer and the rabbit a  rest for awhile, cute as they are, we have some amazing animals here to show off as well.

Thank you for visiting bivouac kid,